August 2016

When does a hobby become obsession? In the case of bikes, is it owning five? 10? 20, perhaps? Is it when your shed is full to the rafters and your eBay account is on high alert for your next big purchase? What if your focus is on just one model of bike, and a relatively obscure lightweight at that? If it is, then PS reader Vernon Laud is totally and utterly obsessed. You see, Vernon is without doubt this country’s most fanatical Honda MBX125 owner – perhaps even the world’s. He currently owns 23 of these two-stroke singles – some complete, some part-built, some in bits. That’s dedication. In fact he blew the family holiday money to buy five of them, and his wife stopped speaking to him because of it. Obsession can take many forms, though – like building a bike.

George Molyneux and Gary Parker showed such an obsessive eye for detail while building their bikes, they were voted our Special Build of the Year winner and runner-up respectively. Now we bring you the full story of both builds and find out what George’s Norton Rotary Cafe Racer and Gary’s Suzuki RGV500 replica are like to ride. We were blown away. You will be too.


Inside this issue....

Ultimate girth control

The high-spec Triumph Daytona Super III and Kawasaki ZX-9R may have failed to dent the FireBlade’s superiority in the ’90s, but are now worthy practical sportsbikes in their own right.

“I wondered what a sportier Rotary would be like...”

A homemade clutch, a plenum chamber fashioned from a melted-down Yamaha TDM850 wheel... George Molyneux’s ingenious Norton Rotary Cafe Racer was a worthy winner of our inaugural Special Build of the Year competition. Here’s how he built it...

Buyers Guide: Kawasaki KMX125/200

In the late 1980s these Kawasakis were the pick of small capacity trail bikes. In fact they were so good they’re still a great buy today.