August 2019

The six months since we combined the might of PS with PB has flown. That’s 888 pages of multi-era sportsbike mag produced by our little team of dedicated enthusiasts: and despite a bit of frowning, gnashing of teeth and concern from some, we’ve come out the other side with a magazine satisfying the greater majority of you. And with a mag that’s now stronger than either title alone. So thanks for standing by us, and supporting us as we’ve refined the format and worked out the bugs.

With that in mind, there are a few minor changes. First we’ve dropped PB’s different grade of paper: we thought it’d be a nice touch, but as it turns out, you simply weren’t that bothered, and it placed restrictions on how we arrange the mag, so it’s gone in favour of streamlining the pages. PB is still 32 pages, but now uninterrupted by the poster in the centres, so it no longer breaks up the run of PS-type features. It should all be easier to navigate now.

Second, we’ve reinstated Project Hunter as a two-pager. Gary’s little spot in the sun was a much bigger hit than we thought, so we’ve reversed the reduction in size, and biffed an advert out of the way to take prime position inside the back cover. For those of your who like to read that early on (and let us know about it), it’s nice and easy to find.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual as summer finally arrives: 148 pages of proven wisdom, new thinking, emerging technology and classic design, all catered for along the way. No better example is our test of the Katana remake against a reader’s special, based on the original: a good new bike, and a style icon given up to date performance.

Enjoy the issue.

Chris Newbigging, Editor

Paternity test

Suzuki’s new GSX-R powered Katana is the pokiest, sportiest retro you can buy: but there are plenty of original Kats packing the same sort of big power and modern running gear…

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Survival Special

A Phil Read rep was always a rare beast, and it’s especially rare these days. Andrew Cole’s specimen needed plenty of love and attention to make it through…

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More tea Vicar?

For Garry Robins the temptation to build a hot GSX Teapot was irresistible. It proved cheap, commendably fast, and most Importantly – bags of laughs…

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