December 2018

We argued a lot. We could have argued more. A lot more. Picking the top 10 best engines from 1970 to the early noughties is not an easy job. The white heat of technological development during those years saw to that. Four-stroke, two-stroke, twins, triples, fours, vees; those decades gave us them all, and then some. But in the end we nailed it… for now. You may agree, you may not. Let us know what your top 10 looks like.

One thing we won’t argue about, however, is that hill climbing rocks. MG and Alan sampled this earthiest of grass roots racing this month and haven’t stopped gibbering about it since. In fact they’re so smitten by their Hartland Quay hill climb experience (they’ll tell you all about it from page 54) that Mark’s already bought a Suzuki RM370 for his future ascending activities, and Al’s converting his CRM250 for the job.

The right tool for the job was key to PS reader and classic racer Nick Allison too. When he decided that the way to win races was to build a seriously sorted Katana he made a plan to create exactly that, and blimey has he succeeded.

You want more? How about a Z1000R2 resto, the new CRMC Superstock champ, RC45 buyers’ guide, a 1600cc kickstart-only V-twin cafe racer, and a Triumph 600 worth buying?

It’s all in this issue. Enjoy.

Jim Moore, Editor

Thunder Kat

It’s all very well coaxing vast power and torque from a GSX engine, the trick is in finding a way of harnessing all that stomp. This chassis set-up is both rare and expensive – and it’s the best yet

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The Only Way Is Up

Climbing hills is usually the preserve of people with cagoules and woolly hats, but doing it on a 250TR and an X7/Gamma is much more fun. And marginally less draining. Although not by much

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Zed Head

Chris Trunwitt walked past a tidy Z1-R to rescue a much rarer R2 model. It was by no means plain sailing, but then what is?

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