February 2018

Kawasaki missed a trick. Had they complemented their excellent 1100 and 1200 ZRX retros with a punchy middleweight, they may well have knocked Suzuki’s Bandit 600 right out of the park. They even had the tools to do it, too, as proved by PS reader and serial ZRX owner Mark Glitherow.

Having already restored a ZRX400, and owned an 1100, Mark figured what was really needed was something in the middle. So he built his own one-off ZRX – an uprated 400 with a 636cc hybrid motor. It’s so good it could, and should, have rolled off Kwak’s Akashi City production line. See it in its full glory in this issue.

American Ed Erlenbach knows a thing or two about improving on an original. Through trial and error, plus a huge helping of sheer undiluted engineering genius, Ed has transformed his once humble Yamaha RD250 into the fastest of its kind on the planet – 143.77mph, to be exact, as we reported in last issue’s PS World. This issue we bring you the full story on exactly how he achieved his extraordinary record. He’s not stopping there either, he says 150mph is this year’s target.

In the spirit of achieving dreams we also show you in this month’s mag how to get a 350LC in your shed, and a leg over a Tamburini Ducati or Laverda triple, all for sensible money. Stop dreaming, get buying.

Enjoy your PS.

Jim Moore, Editor


Inside this month's issue...

Noughties and Nice


The 1990s produced some of our favourite sportsbike legends. But, as we moved into the 2000s, Honda’s SP-1, Suzuki’s GSX-R1000 K1 and Ducati’s 999 proved all machines that went before were just the appetisers. This lot take the cake.

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Head Zed


Kevin Luckhurst’s 1977 Kawasaki Z1000 A1 has got to be one the best Zeds we’ve seen so far. Original where it matters, authentic where it counts, and immaculate - everywhere.

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Into the Blue


Ed Erlenbach holds several World Speed records. And maybe the most remarkable of them is 143.767mph on an unfaired Yamaha RD250. His tuning ethic is simplicity itself: do the science stuff and then the speed takes care of itself

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