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Practical Sportsbikes January 2016

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How did that happen? In less than a week our £200 Honda VFR750F went from scrapyard fodder to endurance race podium. Obviously we’re delighted, but shocked doesn’t even cover it.

Racing our rag-tag Honda in the Endurance Legends 4-Hour at Snetterton in October was, without doubt, the most exciting and satisfying thing we’ve done on the mag in the last year. It’s an event we hope will return again in 2016, because we can’t wait to do it all again.

It was great to see so many PS readers there, too – especially your enthusiasm for the event. Read about our racing adventure from page 48. Running the 4-Hour a close second, however, was getting to ride an NR750. To finally experience what is still the most mechanically complex production bike ever built was a window into what is possible when there are no limits.

Most of us will never get to own an NR, but its influence on the sportsbikes we’ve owned since 1992 is huge, Ducati’s 916 wouldn’t have happened without it, for one. But that’s just scratching the surface of this month’s issue, as we bring you Laverda 668 and Kawasaki Z1000R restorations, an amazing YPVS-powered RGV special, and loads more. 

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Making stuff is one of the best bits of restoration work. Whether you’re making a replacement bracket for a nut and bolt refurb, or relocating electrical components in a from scratch box, this final issue of Workshop Wisdom shows you how and the tools you’ll need.e. 

Workshop Wisdom 6: Fabrication

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Tale of the unexpected

Just 72 hours before this picture was taken, our VFR was in bits. Somehow, we made it to Snetterton for the 4-hour Classic, but not even we could’ve predicted what would happen next


Honda NR

Ultra-rare, stunningly designed, hugely advanced: the NR750 rewrote the rules on what a manufacturer could achieve when it wanted to show off its talents. It remains one of the defining bikes of the PS era

Reader Restoration

“This is the first bike I’ve ever restored. I’ve got the bug now…”