January 2019

When Darren Palmer told us he had a new project on the go we knew it’d be amazing. Having been blown away by his immaculately prepared SRX600 special back in 2013, we couldn’t wait to sling a leg over his latest creation.

Mr Simon Hargreaves was the lucky bleeder who got to sample Darren’s achingly-trick SZR660 super single. Clever engineering, resourcefulness and a hawk’s eye for detail has seen this thumper fan put together something with a true factory flavour – all from the confines of his suburban garage. It’s everything we stand for here at PS in one bike.

Continuing the home-spun theme this issue, Phil West looks back on the David and Goliath success of Norton’s rotary racers. Despite a miniscule budget, limited resources, a lack of factory interest and only a shed to work from, genius engineer Brian Crighton transformed an unloved and seemingly defunct ex-plod bike engine into a powerplant that literally blew Japan’s finest into the weeds.

That’s just scratching the surface of this issue. Mick and I put our bargain ’90s 750s (YZF and ZX-7R) head-to-head, PS brings you the best from Motorcycle Live, blows your minds with a 350 YPVS-powered SDR200, and get busy in the workshop with our motley fleet.

Enjoy the issue.
Jim Moore, Editor

On The Money

When you’re talking bang-per-buck, few road bikes come close to rivalling 750 sportsbikes from the 1990s. Fast, robust, drop dead gorgeous – and absolute steals compared to anything else out there.

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Hit Single

PS reader Darren Palmer has taken Yamaha’s widely derided SZR660 and turned it into one of the most beautiful and plain ingenious home-brewed bikes you’re likely to see.

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From Plod Bike To Racing Missile

And all on a shoestring and built in a shed. How Brian Crighton (and Norton) turned an oddball Wankel heading down a blind alley into a race-winning projectile that swept the board on British racetracks.

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