July 2017


This year's Special Build of the Year competiton was a runaway success. A sackful of entries, 10 outstanding finalists, and one clear winner, chosen by you. Your favourite, by some considerable margain, is Des Lindsey’s Roberts replica RD500LC. I can confirm that your choice was well placed. The bike’s even won the approval of King Ken himself. 

Our own two-stroke hybrid, Project X7 Gamma has been in a shoot-out against two other takes on the RG-X7 theme. Find out how our 2-T trio got on in their head-to-head battle. A PS bike doesn’t have to be shed-built to be special though. This issue Mark Graham pours praise on the 10 most underrated bikes of the 1970-1990s, from Suzuki’s dirt-cheap yet brilliant RF900 to the wallet-friendly(ish) Laverda Mirage. Buy one, save cash, have a ball. That’s special all round.


Jim Moore


Inside this issue....


There are tribute bikes and there is this - a winner in every sense of the word. Des Lindsey's RD500 is a potent blend of perfectionist visualisation, huge enginerring skills, and top line finishing. So stunning a replica, it feels like Silverstone 1980.


X-Men! Three men each build a Suzuki X7/Gamma hybrid, and the end product could not be more different. Now for the performance shoot-out on a small lake...



A statement bike from Big H when they need it and still a monument to sound engineering and fine detailing. How was it overlooked for so long?