July 2018

A productive day in the garage is a great thing, whether servicing your regular ride or making headway on a project. But being outside on your bike with your mates tops everything, as MG, Al and Damo proved when they took to the Welsh hills as Team PS in this year’s Taffy Dakar Rally. Just take look at them this issue – lost, dehyradated, hot, out of breath, yet laughing like drains and delighted to be nowhere else on earth. So much so, in fact, they’re already planning next year’s trip. If you don’t know what the Taffy Dakar is, you soon will as we reveal the full horror and, if you’ve got any sense – we know you’ve got it in spades – you’ll be booking your place too.

While our intrepid trio took on the Welsh countryside and won (mostly) Big G and I were out and about in Ireland, at the very excellent VJMC Dublin Show. The enthusiasm on the Emerald Isle for golden era sportsbikes burns bright, the cream of which will appear in PS over the coming months. Watch this space.

In terms of events, this month saw the biggie – the Special Build of the Year final. You voted in droves, but only one bike could win. Read all about it and its extraordinary build. It’s a belter. And that’s only scratching the surface of what’s in the issue.
Enjoy your PS.


Inside the July issue.....


The Greatest Race Replica ever

It’s a bold claim, but when you’re hand-built by HRC in Asaka you can afford to be cocky. If any bike deserves the title, it’s Honda’s VFR750R RC30. But has it really earned it?

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Special build of the year 2018

The Transformer Mark Graham (not that one) is no ordinary specials builder. His three-cylinder RD550LC is of a standard very rarely seen. Subtle, exacting and ingenious, this bike is on another level

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The Lost Boyos

PS enters the gruelling Taffy Dakar Rally. Navigation and riding skills are tested to the extreme – and found badly wanting in all cases. Somewhat unsurprisingly

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