June 2016

If there's one thing that puts the ‘Great’ into Great Britain, it’s old bikes and the people who own and love them. In fact there’s probably not a better place in the world to own, run and restore old motorbikes than this very island. Ok, so it rains a bit, petrol is far from cheap and traffic isn’t getting any thinner, but if you want a top-class painter, an expert engineer or advice on how to best tackle a tricky workshop conundrum then your luck is well and truly in over here. We’re a country that makes some truly amazing and world-beating bikes – both production and specials.

Triumph has been the backbone of production in the UK for the last 25 years, with its bikes bringing out true passion in their owners; guys like Jonathan Wilkie who, after 15 years of use, restored his Speed Triple – such was his bond with the Hinckley triple.

Then there are the DIY fanatics, like Dean Ryde (above) who builds some of the most amazing LC specials not only in Britain but the world. See his awesome, reverse-cylinder RD-TZ hybrid. In this issue celebrating all things British we’ve got the full story behind Norton’s exotic rotary F1, the Harris Magnum saga, and a home-built Spondon Suzuki turbo with a frankly mind-bending 278bhp, plus loads more.

FREE with this issue of PS is a double-sided A2 JPS Norton poster. 

Inside the June issue...

Middle Class

Yamaha’s FZS600 Fazer and Suzuki’s SV650S brought performance, handling and style to the budget end of 600cc middleweights in the ’90s. Today, they’re closing in on cult status at bargain prices...

“After 15 years of riding abuse, I had to restore it”

Many restorations start with finding a wreck under a tarpaulin. With Jonathan Wilkie’s Speed Triple, however, he was the one who left it there in the first place...


How to: Refurbish a starter motor

An hour’s work for a fifth of the cost of a pattern replacement? Sorting out your bike’s starter motor yourself is a no-brainer.