June 2017

The world’s fastest production bike is almost 20 years old. Suzuki’s first gen Hayabusa is still the guv’nor when it comes to mindwarping speed. A supercar of similar capability costs six figures. A ’Busa can be yours for £3K. Or less... If a GSX1300R’s modest price sends a shiver of pleasure down your spine, a ride on one will blow your nerve endings to atoms. The sheer oomph of a ’Busa on full gas is enough to tear the horizon from its moorings and seemingly turn the laws of physics intoreverse. Phil West rediscovers why this missile of a machine has become such a cult hit and still remains the ultimate in pure, undiluted speed. That’s not the only Suzuki laying down a performance marker in this issue. Alan straps project X7 Gamma to a dyno for its shakedown test.

Find out how well our two-stroke hybrid performs – or not. Lusting after a 200mph hyperbike or building a one-off special are both completely understandable aims, but why would anyone ever go to the trouble and expense of restoring Kawasaki’s much-maligned GPz305?


Jim Moore


Inside this issue...


Michael Hunt has owned just about every significant bike of the 1990s, but machinery connected to a Mr Chris Walker holds a special attraction. Like this tidy Stalker rep Suzuki GSX-R600 SRAD... 


 And face it again, it’s never a first choice candidate for a resto either. But the much-maligned little GPz305 has its charms. If you look for them. 



Small, perfectly formed and built tough, these stylish four-stroke 250s excel at nothing in particular except reminding us that simple is often best.