March 2017


I really thought Alan had bitten off more than he could chew when he wheeled an absolute dog of a TDR250 out of the van and announced: “This is our next project bike.” The old boy’s had a bang on the head, surely? Apparently not. Definitely not, as it turns out. Not only has he got the thing running and road legal again, he’s made it look like new. But, more importantly, has he managed to lighten this most hooliganistic of strokers, and give it the kind of power Yamaha always claimed it had? Well, see if Alan thinks all that hard work was really worth it.

One thing that was most definitely worth it, is Roy Mayne’s magnificent Z1B/Z1-R hybrid – that thing on the cover that stopped you in your tracks. Roy’s Kawasaki manages to blend the bike’s timeless lines and colours with a chassis way more in keeping with the motor’s performance. No wonder it draws a massive crowd wherever he takes it. Roy tells us how he built it.

Speaking of specials, this is your last chance to enter this year’s Special Build of the Year competition. There’s a cool £1000 prize up for grabs, and it’s you, our readers, who will decide who rides off with the prize. If you’ve got a special and you want to enter, go to our website and fill out the form. Good luck.



When it comes to wrestling with naked grunt, have the brute retro cool of Kawasaki’s ZRX1100 and Honda’s CB1000 still got what it takes to make an impression? 




FACT FILE: Suzuki T L1000R

Suzuki’s race-focussed V-twin missed the mark in the late-’90s, but now its punchy motor and bargain prices make more sense than ever,


Check and set two-stroke squish

Avoid performance losses or pre-ignition meltdown by setting your stroker’s squish clearance to its optimum level. Here’s how.