May 2019

The good times are here, and hear: I live near a bypass, and the last few weekends the sounds of fours, triples twins and even a two-stroke have carried across the housing estate to my ears as I’ve been going about household tasks. Meanwhile, my Ducati stands awaiting the production of some new parts, and the RGV isn’t fit to roll yet, so I’m yet to join in the weekend fun.

Still, it’s always good times in the PS/PB world – I managed to slip the shackles on my desk and get out to ride the 250s glamming up the front cover. I expected good things of the NSR and TZR, and they surpassed my expectations. I was also surprised at the X7– not really my bag, but it was a load of fun and a nice counterpoint to the race reps.

My other day out was with my PB hat on: not riding this time, but learning. Tom Parkes started with a VFR800, and ended up with an incredible self-designed, self-engineered race bike. He’s been at it for four years, and I still can’t work out where he managed to find the 1000s of hours of thought, design and fabrication time to develop it in that short period. PB has always had a place for the modest man in the shed making bikes of compelling technical interest, and I can’t remember the last time we covered a reader’s bike so interesting.

Our own project ZX990 Turbo is moving apace too: there are plenty of greasy, dirty days to come first, but it’s making the right steps towards becoming a bike to provide some unforgettable days of its own.

Chris Newbigging, Editor

Tall Wonders

Need something for the fuller figure? Too long in the leg for the more bijoux sportsbikes? Then any of these three should accommodate you perfectly…

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Project ZX990 Turbo

A vile ZX-7R is torn down and the Suzuki GSX-R1000 mill offered-up. It’s a fitter but there’s jiggery-pokery to be done..

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Juvenile Delinquents

Changing the law didn’t stop young riders going nuts on two-strokes. It just meant manufacturers had to try harder to tempt them through the test and on to their quarter-litre head-bangers…

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