November 2019


If you’ve not tried a bike with a turbo or supercharger, you’re missing out.

More than a means to simply go faster, they’re an experience: a rush, and an addictive one at that. It doesn’t take long on a blown bike to start looking for reasons to start building up pressure in the plenum. I’ve ridden a few, and they’ve all left a deep impression: one that inspired our ZX990 project.

While that’s still ongoing, we’ve been enjoying some other blown Kawasakis, not least Peter Reilly’s stunning GPz. Peter has form for classy, thought-out to the last detail builds, but the Turbo is a cut above: seamlessly blending the Kawasaki’s brutish 1980s style with stunning British engineering, sensitively-chosen modern upgrades and a 156bhp shove in the backside. We’ve been watching the build for ages, and we’re still not tired of looking at it.

MG was unexpectedly smitten with a Z1-R TC: a superbike dinosaur making more power than it has any right to, yet in a modern context, Mark found it a joy to ride. A shame many are now static collectors pieces, but owner Chris Kitchen let us smaple this rare experience.

Ex-PB editor Tim Thompson makes a welcome return, spending three days making a nuisance of himself on the latest version of the H2: a bike with no obvious

purpose, but thanks to the force-fed motor, another bike that enchants the rider like no ordinary inline four can. Pricey, decadent, but irrestible once you’ve tried it: it’s two-wheeled foie gras. The only problem is price: it’s cheaper to build a forced induction bike. Talking of which, there’ll be an update on the ZX990 turbo next month…

Chris Newbigging

Editor, Practical Sportsbikes

Blown away

It’s not often the jaundiced eyes of PS settle on a machine that truly reeks of excellence in every area. Peter Reilly’s Z750T is one such motorcycle…

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Leading the charge

The first turbocharged motorcycle from a major manufacturer is not nearly as raw as you might imagine, but it’s still a thing of wonder…

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Irresistible Force

The supercharged one gets an updated engine, new brakes, tyres and a cool new dash – plus an outrageous 30bhp power hike. But there’s so much more to the 2019 H2 than big numbers…

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