October 2018

Improving bikes is what we do. From tweaking controls for slicker action, or servicing a top end to a full-on resto. But nothing quite beats building a special. Who doesn't want better performance, braking and handling?

Specials are in PS’s DNA. In the 1970s the mighty Harris Magnum laid down the blueprint for modern motorcycle design, as well as leading a renaissance for the shed-built special, and priming a whole new market for aftermarket goodness. We’ve been tinkering ever since.

So in this issue we celebrate the ingenuity and brilliance of the one-off, the bespoke and the special. And to do so, we bring you three of the very best. Serial specials builder Steve Elliott has achieved the extraordinary by elevating Suzuki’s already sublime GS1200SS into something truly outstanding; see it and drool. Roger Ramm’s 120bhp four-cylinder 666cc Kwak triple shows what’s possible with a shed, an enquiring mind and a lathe. And Mick Beardmore’s Sanctuary Z12-A simply takes special to the next level.

Also in the issue, we bring you the racing highlights from this year’s Classic TT, top buying tips for Suzuki’s RGV250 VJ23, valve clearances sorted, getting your hands on a Honda CB1300SF, Bikes for Sale and of course, much more.

Enjoy the issue

Jim Moore, Editor


Inside this month's issue...


Beastie boy

No one man has a monopoly on DIY multi-cylinder conversions. Roger Ramm quietly went about converting his HID from a 498cc triple to a 666cc four mainly in his garden shed (and partly in the London Underground machine shop). Here's how

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Special Delivery

It can be a long, hard, frustrating road building a special. But it doesn’t have to end in abandonment and tears. Here are ways and means of making it less difficult (nobody ever uses the word easy)

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Saving the best till last

If it's true - and this heavily reworked GS1200SS really is Steve Elliott's last build - then it's a mighty impressive full stop to a quality body of work

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