September 2016

Nostalgia isn’t as good as it used to be, apparently. Well, I can tell you that’s nonsense – it is. Better, in fact. This issue I’ve been transported back to being 17 again, and it’s been a real blast. At that impressionable age I blew every penny I had on an RG125. Kevin Schwantz was my hero, the bike was in Pepsi colours. How could I not hand over £600? Being young – and stupid – I’d failed to notice that behind the paint the bike was actually knackered. My GP dream was shortlived. So when I got the chance to meet Paul Johnson and ride his restored Gamma, I was hoping it’d be a better experience than when I owned mine. I wasn’t disappointed. Not only was Paul’s rebuilt RG a joy to behold, it was also a thrill to ride. And it took me right back to those formative years that really cemented my love of bikes. Priceless.

We wind back the clock even further this issue to a time when turbos were the latest technology. Honda’s CX and Kwak’s Z750T were always the best of the factory turbos, so we’ve pitted them against each other to see which boosts best.

We’ve got an amazing offer for new subscribers this month, too. Not only will you get PS delivered to your door, you’ll also get a Draper 67-piece screwdriver and bit set as well.

Enjoy the mag

Jim Moore


Inside this issue....

“I never had a 125 - my parents said no”

Broken panels, bent forks and a hefty coating of filth couldn’t stop Paul Johnson turning a dodgy RG125 Gamma into a top build.

Yamaha TRX850

Twenty years ago Japanese reliability was fused with Italian allure to create the TRX850, a great bike that can now be had for a steal.

Tools tested 

We run the rule over the stuff we’ve been using on our bikes, and tell you whether it’s good, average or downright rubbish.