September 2017

We're a broad church here on PS, spanning as we do motorcycling’s most dynamic decades. It might seem like a long way from a Kawasaki H2 two-stroke triple to Aprilia four-stroke V-twins – and indeed it is in both time and technology – but the unifying factor for both the bikes and those who ride them comes down to one word – attitude.

It was that attitude that made bikes so fascinating to everyone in the late 1970s when the film Silver Dream Racer was conceived and scripted; a movie we in the office have ascribed to a genre we’re calling ‘bikesploitation’.

You’ll find more ‘attitude’ elsewhere in the issue, from the collection of twostroke nuts and their bikes for a trackday at Donington to the well ’ard Suzuki GSX1100EX Special built by Andy Harriman.

The ’90s were a glory decade for sportsbikes and in this issue you’ll find two of the bikes we made such public nuisances of ourselves on back then – the Kawasaki ZX-7R and Yamaha FZR600R.


What's inside this month's PS

Kawasaki H2 resto

Dave Thompson is a certifiable Kawasaki nutcase. But this H2 resto had the potential to drive anyone properly insane. Here's how it played out. 

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Living the dream

Practical Sportsbikes is proud to offer you the inside story of the making of Silver Dream Racer...

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How to: rear end overhaul

When you're upgrading a shock you might as well fettle the linkage and swingarm too.

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