September 2019

More is always better. It just depends what you want more of, that’s all. It’s more-ish issue of PS and PB this month, crowned by the turn-of-the-century class of speed freaks we tested for the cover story.

The passage of time, and other machines eclipsing their vital statistics, means they’re no longer the fastest things around. But the period where manufacturers chased a place in the record books produced a trio of bikes with an unmistakable feel – all as capable of putting a smile on your face as racking up a series of NIPs.

Building your own special guarantees you’ll get all of what you desire and more: Dave Whattam wanted an Aprilia RS250, but with 100% more power. So that’s exactly what he built. Roy Mayne’s GPz Uni-Trak on the other hand was crying out for more style than his lash-up donor bike possessed, so he’s carefully selected and modified the essentials in tribute to the Racefit show bikes he’d been drooling over.

Talking of drooling, Dean Harrison’s Senior TT bike is slobber-worthy too: a one-off built for the sole purpose of the 2019 TT, and now likely to be parked forever. Before it disappears into a private collection, they gave PB a tour, and a quick rip up the road, just far enough to scare the bejesus out of contributor Adam. We’ve also tested its road going counterpart, along with the latest Fireblade SP.

Chris Newbigging, Editor, Practical Sportsbikes

Ugly Brutus

Roy Mayne was inspired by top end Zed builds, but refused to be drawn into a wallet-busting descent into bankruptcy to do it. This is his GPz1100 version…

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Blind Faith

Any bike that hasn't run in five years is a gamble. But Colin McGugan rolled the dice on a neglected Pantah anyway. After a painstaking reanimation it's a winner now…

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Conventional Thinking

Honda and Kawasaki make the last litre-fours with a straightforward inline layout – no camshaft gizmos, funny firing orders or defection to a vee-angle. Are the old ways the best, or have they been left behind?

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