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If the last couple of years has taught is anything, it should be to just get on and do what makes you happy: there's always some crisis or another. Life is short. get on and enjoy it, like most of the folks in this issue.

Take the Feeley brothers, whose tales of classic superbike racing rivalry can be found on page 39. It's a far cry from the middle-aged activities of most: they're travelling Europe, banging handlebars on air-cooled monsters with a gridful of other silver-haired loons living the Wes/Freddie/Eddie AMA superbike fantasies. Better than cruising garden centres.

Mark Forsyth makes an inauspicious return to racing this month too, choosing the Barbon hill climb (where you might remember he campaigned the Spondon 'Monster' in the last Triassic period) to try and make good on his claim that Yamaha's oddball Niken three-wheeler, is in fact the perfect hill climb racer: in both solo and sidecar classes no less.

If you need more inspiration to do something joyful rather than strictly sensible, peruse Jim Moore's guide to funny front end bikes. Not one of the three is a strictly rational choice, unless your rationale is 'does it make me smile?'. The answer is likely yes.

Go on, we dare you. Let us know if you remortgage the house for a Tesi...

Chris Newbigging, Editor

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