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Tools tested - Sealey PDM170F pillar drill


There comes a point in every man’s shed adventures when a pillar drill starts to look like a good idea. The thing that usually happens next is that said man buys a bench top pillar drill and quickly wishes he’d bought something larger when he finds its capacity lacking I speak from experience here. While the step up from hand-held drill to bench-top pillar item was a major one, I soon found myself frequently hampered by the limited distance from chuck to table and the depth from chuck to upright. I should have gone straight for the object of my desires, a serious floor-standing pillar drill such as this Sealey PDM170F. There’s amore than generous 77cm of height available from the 16mm chuck to the table and 17cm from the spindle centre to the upright. Remove the table and there’s 125.5cm of height at your disposal – you could get a bike frame in there. The table
itself is 25.4cm by 25.4cm. The drill also offers 16 speed settings from 190-3000rpm so you can set the chuck to the correct revs for pretty much any material from plastics to steel.
As you can see from the big yellow box just down there on the bottom right of the page, we have one to give away. Someone’s going to get lucky. And your chances are better then the lottery. Alan Seeley Used for: one month Price: £576 Contact: