Built magazine, issue 14


This year’s Bike Shed Motorcycle Club show at Tobacco Dock was bigger and better then ever before. That kind of cliché is used everywhere – but in this case it’s true. More space, bikes, manufacturers, traders, food-outlets and people. The BSMC show was created to galvanise a movement, a new wave of custom bikes celebrating the cafe racer, street tracker, scrambler, bobber and chopper. But it’s never been just about bikes. It’s about the lifestyle, clothing, merch, tats, art, food and coffee. It’s become the one annual show that no-one wants to miss.

The shows kicked off in 2013 with a small, free gig in the archways of a photo studio in Shoreditch. It was such a success that a second show was organised later in the year but clearly the venue – even though extra capacity was added – was too small.

The move to Tobacco Dock came in 2014 – and so did a second show, in Paris. Naysayers and piss-takers said the scene would never last but it just keeps on growing and the Bike Shed is at the centre of it all.

The great thing about BSMC is that they’re never content. Every new show has to be better than the last – in every way. Tobacco Dock has become such a must-see event we decided to devote this whole issue to it. Relive the moments...